The guiding philosophy, values and beliefs of the company are as follows:


a. We believe that an empowered and accountable employee and organization are the primary keys to success


b. We as an organization share a commitment to excellence;


c. We encourage creativity and innovation in all that we do;


d. We have non-compromising commitment to the highest standards of corporate citizenship and business practice;


e. We are dedicated to winning in the tourist market arena, which will be measured by our market share and superior financial results;


f. We believe that profit is a just reward for our perseverance and hard work, and that it is an essential measure of success and essential for our continued existence.

The Purpose of the Company


Amazing Show's primary purpose is to provide a world-class show for the benefit of both foreign and local tourists in the Philippines. With this in mind, it also hopes to significantly contribute to the enhancement of Philippine tourism and to revitalize the tourist market and therefore gain profit.


Once achieved, the company aims for a comprehensive program of continual reinvestment in the country to provide more jobs for Filipinos and therefore significantly contribute to the improvement in the quality of life.


Company Motto


We are the Country's premier theatrical family show!


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